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At M & M Realty, the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations.  Our hope is to have the opportunity to earn your trust so that we can help you achieve your specific and personal goal.  We look forward to hear from you.



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Customer Satisfaction is our Goal


I chose to work with Erma because of her core values and OVERALL DEDICATION TO HER CLIENTS.  She understood the process was more than buying a house but about finding a new place for my family that we would call "home."  Her overall knowledge in real estate, past banking experience and good rapport with closing attorney, lender, surveyor, home and termite inspector tremendously helped in answering important questions that I have as a first time home buyer.  I am proud to call Erma as our favorite real estate broker and will gladly use her and her team again.  Thank you for a job well done!  Frank


​The total package is what you get when you allow Erma to assist you in buying a home.  SHE WALKED WITH ME EVERY STEP WITH PATIENCE, KINDNESS, AND EXPERTISE.  I did not have any problems with questions or concerns not being answered or explained.  I am very happy in my new home and  thanks to Erma for making my purchase a smooth transition. She is my realtor, broker and friend.  If you want the total package – talk to Erma and her team! Pat


Ms. Erma made first-time home buying a lot easier than we thought it would be.  She provided us all the needed information, put everything in simple terms, and she genuinely was looking out for our best interest.  She helped us from beginning to end and was there for us during closing for support.  WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED BY HER and we are thankful for her genuine love in helping people.  Absolutely, you can't go wrong with her.  She made our life stress free during the process and we highly recommend her and her team.  Mr. & Mrs. G.


Thank You for all your patience, assistance and guidance through this process. GOD COULD NOT HAVE PICKED A BETTER COUPLE TO GET US THROUGH THIS. You guys have been amazing. And you have done far and beyond to confirm especially for me that my faith brought us together and you were the people who are meant to sell our home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.   Sheri


Thank You to M & M Realty!  What a great team. They sold my house quickly, efficiently, and at a great price.  They keep me informed and shared their extensive industry knowledge along our journey. I learned a lot about the property sale process. THEY ARE PERSONABLE, I FELT AS IF WE WERE LONG LOST FRIENDS!  I most highly recommend M & M Realty for all your real estate needs!!! Thank you.  Nancy


We highly recommend this team, besides being professional, knowledgeable, caring people, THEY WILL SEND PRAYERS YOUR WAY TOO.  Carol & Joe


They were VERY HELPFUL and INFORMATIVE in selling our house. I agree with many other reviews that they are like friends you have known for years.  We had not sold a house in many years and Erma explained everything in detail. They are easily contacted and prompt in answering all questions. We had showings almost every day and sold our house quickly at full asking price! This is a HARD WORKING PROFESSIONAL TEAM that supports you through the process from beginning to end.  Marcia and J


Erma became a friend.  She really came through for us during difficult time.  We needed to sell our home (family investment) and she did it in record time, in a moment of emotional distress you need an agent that is honest and she demonstrated that she REALLY CARED ABOUT OUR NEEDS.  Thank you Erma for an efficient job!  Marcela


...such a WONDERFUL TEAM to guide and direct me during this adventure.  I hope many people that are out there looking to buy a property have the same luck as I did. Having a great broker in this business is a matter of importance...thanks a lot! Karen


Great team!  They really made my first home buying experience great. They were with me every step of the way. They met me when I had doubts about buying a home. They ANSWERED EVERY QUESTIONS AND MADE ME FEEL SAFE. Natasha


Thank you… I have never in my life time have met people like you that are so concerned about your clients and that are so in tune in what they are looking for as far as the right property that fits their needs/desires.  Great supportive real estate agents who knew the product and MADE SURE WE GOT A GOOD DEAL and made sure your clients were please.  Yes! I will be sending customers to you M & M Realty.  You guys rock!!  Teresa and Cerandon


M & M Realty made my experience in purchasing my first home amazing.  I really appreciate what they did to help me get the best deal for buying my home. They were courteous and respectful. They explained a lot to me about the real estate industry and GAVE ME GREAT GUIDANCE. They helped me save every dollar possible and made sure my home was 100% move in ready and squared away.  I look forward working with M & M Realty again when I look for my next home!  Brandon


Purchasing a house can be a very stressful time, we lucked out when we found M & M Realty. They were a pleasure to work with and I always felt they had our best interests in mind.  They aren't pushy realtors and they are always available when you have questions. Every step of the process was completely seamless and we are GRATEFUL FOR THEIR WISDOM AND PROFESSIONALISM. When it is time to sell our current house and purchase a new one, they will be the only realtor I call. If you are looking for great realtors we highly recommend them. Julie and Nick


Erma is always quickly responding to my messages and keep me updated with new listings that are in my price range and conditions. I will strongly recommend her if you are looking for a TRUSTWORTHY agent to work with.  Cho


I was so happy to have met and worked with a real estate broker such as Erma...SHE WENT OVER AND BEYOND WHAT SHE NEEDED TO DO TO HELP ME QUICKLY!   Erma was easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the Real Estate game.  She was an all-around pleasure to work with!!  I would also highly recommend her to others...thanks so much Erma!! Lesley


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